1/2V at the Zoo!

On Wednesday the 15th of May, the grade 1/2’s enjoyed a visit to the Melbourne Zoo, as part of our Inquiry unit on Native Australian Animals.

Kids having fun in the bus!
Kids having fun in the bus!

Our first stop at the zoo was the Discovery Centre where grades were each taken into 4 educational rooms. Students excitedly classified real samples of feathers, various animal furs and scales. Students met a harmless snake, patted a Australian Green Tree Frog and browsed the many reptiles in the zoo classroom.


For the rest of the afternoon students roamed the zoo with their class, teacher and parent helper, making various stops along the way. 1/2V enjoyed watching the feeding of a giraffe which happily munched carrots. Students asked questions including “How does it’s long neck bend,” and “How tall are it’s legs,” which were enthusiastically answered by the zoo trainer- it moves the muscles in it’s neck to bend, and it’s legs are over 2 metres long!

We met some Australian animals in the open enclosure- kangaroos, emu’s and wallabies. Students came up close and personal with meercats, and were delighted to witness the leader climb to the top of the look out in protection of it’s family. They also enjoyed watching the platypus swim, however we were disappointed that the Tasmanian Devils were hiding away.

After lunch there was time for a short exploration- orang-utans which were just as curious about us as we were about them! The elephants were away from the fence but students enjoyed the Asian experience of the whole exhibit and happily read signs and looked at the vast array of elephant artefacts on display. A quick stop in the butterfly house ย was next, with many kids excited to come up close and personal with it’s inhabitants.


Overall 1/2V and the other grade ones enjoyed their time at the zoo- there were smiles all around and many squeals of delight throughout the day.

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