What’s on in Term 3!

Inquiry Unit

In Term 3 the Grade 1/2s will be learning about Toys as part of the Inquiry Unit. Students will be bringing in their favourite toys and talking about them. They will be learning about toys from other cultures as well as the materials that were used to make them. They will also be looking at toys from the past and making their own toys using materials from home.


In Literacy, we are working on a number of different types of texts. We will also be focussing on the planning and editing stages of the writing process. There will also be an increased focus on spelling, punctuation and grammar. The students will participate in whole class, small groups and individual work where they can further develop their skills.


Counting, place value, and the four number process will be major components of Numeracy this term, with the children learning a variety of mental maths strategies throughout the year.

Problem solving and mental computation will be a strongly focused on throughout the  Semester.


A reminder that all students are required to borrow and read a book or home reader on a daily basis. Their homework books have word lists for reading and spelling as well as number charts. All students have access to ‘Mathletics’ and ‘Spellodrome’, an online math computer program purchased by the school, which they can use at home and at school. We encourage all students to use ‘Mathletics’ and ‘Spellodrome’ on a regular basis. Students should continue to practice reading Oxford words, and practice their individual spelling highlighted in their homework books.



It is important that all students arrive to school on time, as it is hard for them to catch up with the class if they have missed important information at the start of the day. Children should also be at school every day. If you have any appointments, please try to make them after school, or if you have to take them out during school time, please try to drop them back.

Ensuring your child is ready and at school every day, means that they can get the most out of learning this year. The grade with the best attendance will be rewarded.


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