Ta-Da! Introducing 1/2V 2014

Welcome parents and friends to the 1/2V class blog! Where we hope to share with you all the new and exciting things we will be discovering this year including photos, videos and class reminders. Check out our separate pages for maths, literacy, inquiry and reminders. We encourage your children to leave comments at the end of posts and stay involved in what is being posted!

– Miss DV 

Introducing 1/2V! 

The stars of the show!








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Miss DV


My name is Tahlia De Van Der Schueren (Miss DV for short- as you can imagine why!). I started at PNE in 2012 where I worked as an Emergency Teacher. From the first day working at PNE I fell in love with the school, and instantly knew that I wanted to work here. I taught grade 1/2 last year in 2013, and I have been lucky enough to continue teaching this wonderful grade level this year.

In the past I have worked on children’s camps in America, taught English at a kindergarten and English Language School in Santiago, Chile and volunteered at many other schools. My father is a High School teacher and my Grandmother was a Primary School teacher. Education has always been a big part of my family and it seemed natural for me to follow this path.

My personal experiences of Primary School were so rich and memorable that I always wanted to create that same learning environment that I experienced as a child.

I would love to know more about your child and your family so if you have any questions or concerns please feel free to come and have a chat with me. I look forward to another wonderful year ahead full of surprises and achievements.

Tahlia De Van Der Schueren  

6 thoughts on “Ta-Da! Introducing 1/2V 2014

    1. Hi Laura, I have kept them there because it is nice to look back and see what we did last year. I am sure you also enjoy looking back too. Miss DV

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