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Parents just a reminder that you child needs to read and bring their reader to school each day in order to borrow a new book to read each night. This continuous borrowing is detrimental to their reading and writing development, and exposes them to a variety of text types and levels.

I have said to the children that if they are unable to read to a parent or sibling, they can read to their favourite toy- so long as they get the reading practice completed. It is also important that you sign the book off in the front cover of their homework book. If it is not signed then I assume that they have not read it and will send it home again. (When it is signed it is an indicator for me that they have read the book and I will not send the same book home twice).

If your child has lost or damaged a home reading book there is a $8 replacement fee. This can be paid straight at the office or given to me in the classroom.

Overall there is a consistently high number of readers coming back each day, (which is fantastic!), and I am seeing a tremendous improvement overall in the quality and fluency of reading in the classroom! Keep up the good work!- Miss DV 

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