Sue deGennaro visit!

On Tuesday 22nd of April PNE there was great excitement at school this week when Melbourne born Illustrator- Sue deGennaro came to visit. She is the illustrator of several children’s books including The Pros and Cons of being a Frog, Button Boy, and The Princess and the Frozen Packet of Peas. Sue’s illustrations are quirky and infectiously funny. Sue has worked in many careers (including confectionery, circuses and home renovations!), and now (between making books) she often teachers writing & illustration. 

0020112_pros-and-cons-of-being-a-frogbutton-boy princess and peas








Once students had assembled in the hall, we discovered through her powerpoint with various photos of her studio and sketch book,  that it takes 6 or 7 drafts until her pictures are just right. Sue makes many copies, altering the colour, detail and characters in the illustrations.

Were given step by step instructions on how to create the little boy from ‘Button Boy’ walking along and Grandma playing with her needle and thread. Sue explained she made a dummy book to check that the text and pictures worked together. We discovered that by changing the position of the eyes on a face can alter the whole mood of the character.













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