PNE Spelling Bee 2014!



Just a reminder the Spelling Bee is fast approaching and will be held on Thursday 27th November in the hall. The 1/2s will be in sessions 1 and 2, so parents are more than welcome to come in and join us. It was a tough pick to find representatives from grades 1 and 2. 

Congratulations to Vasilis and Ibrahim who will be representing 1/2, and Barry and Thu who will be their emergencies! 

Vasilis and Ibrahim spelled very difficult words such as; around, favourite, assembly, special, dangerous, health, stomach, equipment, surprise, Wednesday  and decision, just to name a few. These students spelled all of their words perfectly, so well done!!

Good luck to all the grades competing, but a special good luck to Vasilis and Ibrahim who will be representing 1/2V!- Miss DV





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