100 days of School!!

100 days of School Celebration!!

The students have been counting since day one of school, waiting to reach 100 days of being at school!! Finally we reached it and there was much celebration! The children came to school to find the hallway decorated and long tables with breakfast to share with their families. Dressed in their pyjamas, children made glasses, crowns, counted 100 fruit loops to make necklaces, watched 101 Dalmatians and were surprised with a cupcake caterpillar! As you can see they had a wonderful day!

IMG_9799 IMG_9800 IMG_9801 IMG_9802 IMG_9803 IMG_9804 IMG_9805
IMG_9807 IMG_9808
IMG_9813 IMG_9814 IMG_9815 IMG_9816 IMG_9817 IMG_9818 IMG_9819 IMG_9820 IMG_9822 IMG_9839


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