Our excursion to Puffing Billy!

On Friday 14th October, as part of our 5 Senses Inquiry Unit this term, Foundation students enjoyed an excursion to Puffing Billy. We left school around 9am, boarded the bus and drove for one hour to Belgrave. The weather was kind to us, and children enjoyed the morning eating their snack in the wonderful sunshine!

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Around 11:00am, we walked to the Puffing Billy train platform and boarded the train. As part of the tradition, children were allowed to sit on the wide window ledge and dangle their feet out while holding tightly onto the bars. Some preferred to sit on the seats instead!

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The train wound its way through the beautiful forrest for one hour. Children enjoyed smelling the steam, feeling the breeze on their faces, dangling their legs out and waving at cars and people along the way.

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We eventually stopped at Lakeside, a stop in Gembrook. We admired the other steam engines, watched them re-fill the train with coal and walked to a lovely area where we enjoyed lunch and some well deserved play at a playground and gym area! The children and teachers alike had a fantastic fulfilled day!

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